Dual Campus Program

As a major international school of management, Bocconi is engaged in an active and prestigious network of exchanges, collaborations and interactions with its peer institutions. The International Exchange Program offers selected candidates the opportunity to spend the last months of the program at prestigious institutions. Bocconi has comprehensive exchange program with over 200 partner institutions around the globe.

MISB Bocconi benefits from this incredible platform and offers a unique experience to all the PGPB candidates the opportunity to spend an entire semester at Bocconi in Milano (Exchange Semester), to further enrich their curriculum, do a specialization and gain cross-cultural network.


Specialization Semester In Milan written By Aadil Naik, Class of 2016 Read the full article


A distinctive feature of the PGPB is the opportunity to spend a semester at Bocconi University in Milano, Italy. From September to December, in their second module of the PGPB, MISB Bocconi students can take up to 5 electives in Milano, chosen amongst 150+ course electives accessible in every semester, in order to design their own specialized track. The available specialization tracks include:

  • Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • Banking & Finance
  • Luxury And Fashion Management
  • Retail Management
  • Sales Management
  • Strategic Management and Management Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Management
  • Innovation and Technology Management

Cross Culture Exposure

  • Get a consistent international exposure
  • Know the European culture and business environment
  • Be part of a diverse student body; more than 1,400 exchange students from over 80 countries come to Bocconi every year
  • Strengthen communication, team-building, and ,interpersonal skills
  • Expand their global network of personal and professional contacts.

Bocconi Campus, Italy

Here’s a short video-walk through our metropolitan Campus. A cultural and academic point of reference for Milan at international level. A place where people meet, things happen and progress is an expectation.

More details on http://www.unibocconi.eu/virtualcampus

“My experience in Milan during the semester at Bocconi cannot be called anything less than ‘magical’. It was not only enriching and adventurous but was also full of learning at every moment. Having stayed there, I got a chance to interact with such learned faculties and gain so much from them. The Experience of working with colleagues from across the world to develop a global outlook, understand the cultural differences and the way people pursue things was indeed brilliant”
Kala Vaidyanathan, PGPB Class of 2015.