The PGPB Experience

At The End Of The First Trimester At MISB Bocconi One Feels….

The first thing that appealed to me about my class at MISB was the remarkable diversity that had been assembled for the 5th PGPB batch. I got the opportunity to meet colleagues from almost every state in India. This has played a significant role in broadening my worldview.
Arko Biswas, PGPB Class of 2018

MISB Bocconi PGPB Class of 2018

Alumni Testimonials

Simran Bachoo

Ujjwal Sharma

Manish Pathak

Smiti Mohan

“The best thing of MISB Bocconi is that you get the feel of studying in a world class university at our doorsteps. Professors from Bocconi, the infrastructure & facilities make MISB a truly global School of which we are a part”

Sagar Manekar | PGPB 2012

“Undoubtedly, one of the best decisions which I made. I would recommend the PGPB to anyone who is looking for an intensive and challenging program in business”

Nitesh Rastogi | PGPB 2012

“My experience in Milan during the semester at Bocconi cannot be called anything less than ‘magical’. It was not only enriching and adventurous but was also full of learning at every moment. Having stayed there, I got a chance to interact with such learned faculties and gain so much from them. The Experience of working with colleagues from across the world to develop a global outlook, understand the cultural differences and the way people pursue things was indeed brilliant”
Kala Vaidyanathan, Marketing- Future Group, PGPB Class of 2015.

“Exceptional faculty, invigorating environment, exemplary guest lectures and an exciting curriculum is what defines my experience at MISB”

Supriya Narasimham | PGPB 2012


MISB Bocconi encourages students to carry on extra-curricular activities and to create Student Clubs of various kinds covering professional and social topics.

Professional Clubs offer the chance to connect with senior managers and alumni, to build informal and formal network and to develop and enable competencies. Student Clubs are involved in activities and events, such as round table panels, conferences, workshops, talks with guest speakers on topics as market scenarios, sector trend and innovations.

Companies may participate, introducing themselves to target student groups, or contribute with a sponsorship. Read More …

Hostel Life at MISB Bocconi

Living in MISB Bocconi Hostel offers students:

  • the convenience of living near the B-school 
  • the chance to live in safe residence with 24 hour/day security & service;
  • the opportunity to get to know other students from all over the country 
  • the comfort of a basic daily cleaning service 
  • additional food and laundry service can be availed on request