Through meetings with company representatives, participants will be able to gather information on both the domestic and international job market, on the different job profiles as well as to interact directly with managers and potential employers. Lastly, the Career Development Service will provide an easy access to a whole variety of summer internship and job opportunities, both online and on campus.

We are currently recruiting for PGPB sixth edition. The below reports are for last two batches PGPB 2 & PGPB 3. We shall shortly upload the recent summer placement report of PGPB5 and the final placement report of PGPB 4 (Class of 2015-17) by April 2017


By participating in activities dedicated to career guidance, students will be able to understand their aptitudes and make better professional choices. They will also be provided with the tools needed to submit a successful application and adequately prepare for job interviews. 


Effective CV and cover letter – Class workshop and individual sessions

This class workshop helps you writing an effective CV and a high impact cover letter, the basic requirements for a successful job search. After the class presentation, you have the opportunity to get individual assistance in checking your application. This is also an opportunity to discuss with CDS staff about your professional career plans and how to apply successfully.

Personal Orientation Lab

The aim of this service is to develop and facilitate a path of self-awareness of your aptitudes, so that you can enter the working environment better equipped. To reach this objective, the process is structured in two closely related phases: a group work and an individual session. The information gathered in two sessions is used to provide a model that helps you think of your aptitudes now and in the future. By participating in this activity you get the tools to face moments of transition with greater self-confidence, to discover your abilities and to identify possible career paths.

Interviewing and Training Seminars on Soft Skills

These are training classroom workshops on the soft skills that are indispensable in the workplace. These seminars enable you to understand the personal abilities most sought by employers and why they are so important. They will include, for example, effective presentation delivery, time management and problem solving. Moreover, This workshops prepares you to face one of the crucial moments of the job search: the interview. During the workshop you learn the basics that can actually make or break a job interview and have an opportunity to practice what learnt. Seminars are jointly organized by CDS and companies.


Round tables on professions

It is a series of interactive class seminars dedicated to exploring typical career paths. These meetings are a chance for direct contact with professionals working in a specific area or in a particular sector of the job market. You can find out what these jobs entail, the skills required and the career prospects. Speakers discuss their experiences and lead an informal question and answer session.

In-Company Training

During the In-Company Training you are hosted by a company and have the chance to get to know something more about its business, the departments and the recruitment policy. In some instances, prior to the visit there is the opportunity to work in group on a business case, provided by the hosting company, whose results are then discussed during the visit.

Mock Interviews

These selection interview simulations, in collaboration with company representatives, help you to understand what is expected in a real interview, and how you can improve the way you present yourself. During the simulation you will be asked actual interview questions and, at the end, you will receive a feedback on your performance.