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What is the best time to apply for an Executive Program?

Executive MBA in Mumbai
The best time for applying to IEMB, the MBA for Executives at MISB Bocconi in Mumbai?

During the last couple of years, we have met a lot of senior Executives and HR Managers during the enrolment and one to one consultations and lot of discussions happened around what is the best time to do an EMBA (Executive MBA) and what is the expected impact of such program.

An EMBA is a fundamental milestone to advance the personal leadership path and to strengthen managerial skills to accelerate the development of high-potential leaders. There are different reasons beyond the decision to attend an EMBA and therefore there is not a one fits all moment for this decision. An executive MBA requires a minimum of  5 years of experience and it is fundamental to have the aspiration to make a change in one’s own professional life: for example, re-start the career after a maternity break; moving to a multinational company to get a better exposure and international opportunities; becoming an entrepreneur; strengthen and relaunch a family business; upgrade yourself to the next phase of your professional career.

Our current Executive Masters students have told us that they have considered a variety of factors before making the decision to pursue their masters with MISB Bocconi, Mumbai. One of the students was not able to decide whether to pursue an EMBA from a European Business School like MISB Bocconi or stick to an Indian Executive MBA since the student already had an MBA from an Indian Business School. In the end, the student decided to join Bocconi IEMB because he felt that the Indian EMBAs are not able to provide the necessary global exposure which is very much required for an international career. Another student was contemplating between Full-time, by pausing the career, or Part-time where he will have to take extra load of work and effort. In the end, he chose the part-time as this will keep the career accelerated, giving the opportunity to apply the lesson learned immediately and to provide an advantage to the company. Another student felt that if she didn’t upgrade herself, she wouldn’t see a lot of momentum in her career.  For another student, it was much more cost effective as compared to doing an EMBA from any top business school based outside India, as IEMB the International executive masters in business has the same curriculum and same faculty that provides the same certification as SDA Bocconi school of management, Italy but at a third of its cost.

We are here to help you make this decision and it is always a pleasure to meet the candidates to discuss the same. Please feel free to reach out to us at +91 – 7738821343 or

– Veronica Vecchi

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