SDA Bocconi
School of Management

SDA Bocconi is the leading School of Management in Italy and also stands among the top-ranked European Institutions. Founded in 1971, with its more than 40-years of experience in the management education, SDA Bocconi is engaged in the promotion and organisation of executive education, with an international approach. The School’s vision of empowering life through knowledge and imagination lies behind its program offerings: Executive Education Open and Custom Programs, MBA and Master Programs, for the development of individuals, companies, institutions and economic systems. Being part of the Bocconi world implies entering into a unique community of faculty, staff, and students who share intellectual curiosity, the ability to innovate and the quest for excellence. Università Bocconi and SDA Bocconi School of Management urban campus located in downtown Milano, Italy’s most cosmopolitan city, and the country’s bustling business, and finance center.

The world at Bocconi

Università Bocconi

Università Bocconi, Italy’s first economics university, was founded in 1902 by entrepreneur Ferdinando Bocconi, a man who understood the value of innovation and the importance of thinking beyond borders. Thanks to ongoing respect for these same tenets, over a century later Università Bocconi stands as one of the top European institutions of higher learning and research in the fields of management, economics and law. Bocconi is constantly striving to combine a strong theoretical background with real world applications, and to attract the best and the most talented students who may become future business leaders.

Bocconi Global Recognition

Within the realm of international higher education, a number of rankings with widely varying levels of quality, methodological rigor and authority are published. Bocconi University regularly appears in the most prominent rankings which cover its areas of expertise in economics and management, and more generally the social sciences. Here we show the updated results of some of the most important and widely recognized of these. More information concerning our standing in other specialized or sectoral rankings will be published in the sections about the individual programs.

  • A legacy of over 110 years of quality, research, and innovation
  • Among Europe’s leading institutions in business and economics education
  • A distinctive and international faculty from Bocconi
  • Exchange program with over 200 top-ranked Management institutes worldwide
  • The Bocconi Alumni network comprises of over 100,000 graduates across the globe


World University Ranking by Subject –
Business and Management
in Europe | 10th worldwide


TheSDA-Bocconi-ranking-MISB-Bocconi Best International Business Schools 2015 (1-year, non-US Programs)
                        4th Worldwide


Global MBA 2016

25th worldwide | 9th in Europe


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