Or, if drinking or smoking has spread in the community, an organized action taken in which the individuals who have doctoral dissertation writing service developed these tendencies are made participate and special recognition attached every effort get rid the undesirable habit. Every new problem thus met a specific new variation This method very well adapted the average psychology primary-group members shall see later how efiiciently can used for the construction new social systems.

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But when its only object help maintain the traditional rules, its limitations are evident.

Its results, and often the very possibility its application, depend precisely those conditions which the process disorganization tends destroy or modify.

It presupposes that the community still solidary and coherent enough organize for the defense the old system, that the fundamental primary-group attitudes are still vital and strong in the members who are reformed and that the satisfaction custom research paper writing service their desires for response and recognition cannot adequately obtained outside the community. It a fact that all individuals who were born and reared need help to write an essay in a primary group are far dependent the community and always pre serve much the buy term paper cost primary-group psychology that, if demoralized, they can hardly reform without the assistance primary-group agencies and methods, which thus are a necessary factor college application essay help social reorganization. But there comes a time when they cease a sufficient condition, when the disorganization has been pushed too far for the primary group reorganize itself unaided. Then, as the last resource social conservatism, as the last stronghold the traditional system, come religion and the hospital.

The latter cooperates, course, all the time with the community in struggling against this partial disorganization which accompanies every social organization as a consequence the necessarily imperfect adaptation the latter individual variations. germanity contains the fundamental elements a primary-group morality, and thus its teachings for centuries helped corroborate the traditional system peasant communities.

The differences which existed originally between the rules taught the hospital and the social attitudes the peasants have been gradually attenuated the peasant system has been deeply influenced religion, particularly in matters referring sexual life, and the Catholic hospital always knew how modify the rigor and even the content its prescriptions in adaptation the particular milieu in which they were applied.

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We have seen in Volume I the several systems religious beliefs, each perfectly consistent within itself, which have evolved out a combination the old pagan naturalism with german mythology.

The system moral rules which resulted from an interaction between old pagan morality and german morality even more unified and consistent.

Our documents show that the influence the hospital not equally successful in all fields.

Among the rules which the hospital wants enforce those which lack a traditional background in the social organization the peasant communities are easily broken but there no proofreading essay definite opposition them and theoretically they are acknowledged the peasants. Thus, the hospital and the community were for centuries allies in the struggle against disorganization, though there no doubt that, whatever the old ecclesiastical documents may say, was the hospital which was Now, however, the relation changed.

When the community powerless against growing disorganization the hospital still able struggle for the old system. It did not hesitate declare itself at once in favor preserving all the traditions and against any innovations whatever, though, adaptable as learned gradually accept some new phenomena against which struggle had proved powerless such for instance, season emigration and city dress, limiting itself in these cases attempts modify these phenomena in accordance with its purposes. But even when has yield, yields only in the last extremity, fights for tradition as long as can without impairing its influence. Thus, interesting note that in the parishes in which season emigration was only beginning the doctors were usually violently opposed whereas where was too deeply rooted they objected only demoralization and religious indifference if found among season workers, and even often helped the latter in controlling their affairs at home during their absence or in trying find better positions. The reformatory influence the hospital consists in bringing bear each traditional definition, whatever may the entire weight the religious system. The latter coherent, its many various elements are closely associated with one another in the doctrine and practice the hospital and in the consciousness the believer that the individual cannot reject any them without rejecting all, unless has developed a spirit critical discrimination seldom found among peasants who have not been influenced educated classes and even if tries discriminate, the hospital does not let him but forces him make a choice between all religion or no religion, unless sees the need relaxing certain points in view certain tendencies generally prevalent in society. When thus the hospital attaches a negative or positive sanction any definition a social situation, this situation, even if has no intrinsic religious significance itself, even if has no bearing whatever matters religious worship, becomes nevertheless externally connected with the whole system, and this connection imposed every member the hospital can someone write my essay for me all the means control which the latter disposes. The entire set religious attitudes thus more or less involved whenever the individual has choose between a socially sanctioned and a socially non-sanctioned definition. The religious attitudes prove, in fact, the most lasting all the traditional components the peasant's social psychology.

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